Hat shopping? 8 tips.


Are you searching for a hat or fascinator for a special occasion like a wedding, tea-party, racing fashion or party?
Please read the following tips and/or visit our shop to look and try our hats.
We have more than 200 hats and fascinators in stock,
and they can be made in every possible colour and size.


1-What type of person are you?
Sportive, elegant, quiet or striking. Search for a hat that fits your type and you will feel comfortable with it.

2-What kind of role do you have in this occasion?
Are you just a guest or are you in a position to stand out?
The colour and the size of your hat or fascinator will depend on it.

3-Is it an outdoor occasion or inside?
The wider the brim the more sensitive to wind.
With a lot of sun a large brim will protect your face.

4- What is the size of your head?
You can measure your own head by placing the tape around your head above your ears and eyebrows.
A medium size for a lady is 57cm/22,4inch.

5- How do you wear your hair that day?
We can add a elastic band, a comb or Alice band in your hat or fascinator. Just what you prefer.

6- Bring your outfit or a sample of the fabric, when you are shopping for a hat.
This will help you to find the perfect colour. You can also match your shoes, clutch and hat in a different colour.

7-Look at your face and posture for a nice balance in your outfit.
When you are wearing glasses, choose an upturned brim away from your face.

8-Do they make a lot of pictures? Don’t choose a hat with a turned down brim because it will give a schadow on your face.
And your eyes won’t be visible on the pictures.

These are the most important tips.
If you have any questions, please let us know.
We would like to advice you in choosing your hat.
With 20 years of experience we can quickly find the right hat for you.

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